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Reunion giving supports School of Medicine

January 2011

Medical alumni in classes celebrating a reunion in 2010 gave back in a big way, collectively contributing more than $2.5 million to support the School of Medicine.

Scholarships—an ever-present need—received an extra push this year with four reunion classes launching group efforts to raise funds for scholarship support. The Class of 1989 surpassed $100,000 to create the Class of 1989 Scholarship Fund. The classes of 1975, 1979 and 1990 are well on their way to doing the same. The Class of 1961 focused its efforts on encouraging each other to make a planned gift in memory of the 13 classmates who are deceased.

“It’s wonderful to see this large expression of support for the institution in which we share so much pride,” Richard Johnston, M.D., MD’61, told the crowd gathered for Reunion 2010. Johnston co-chaired the reunion’s giving effort with Robert Moorman, M.D., MD’60, and Cauley Hayes, M.D., MD’61.

"My wife, Mary Anne, and I are sure the money will be applied to do good because of the school’s leadership,” he said. “Jeff Balser is one of the very smartest, most creative, and finest human beings to lead any American medical school. He’s also one of the youngest. So if he’ll eat right, exercise regularly, and continue to make it home to his wife and children by suppertime, we can benefit for a long time.”

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