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White Coat Sponsorship – Tailor-Made for Medical Students and Mentors

July 2011

  • The White Coat Sponsorship Program began in August 2002 when faculty and friends were asked to sponsor a white coat for a new medical student with a $100 sponsorship, which covers the cost and personalization of the coat.
  • The traditional short, white lab coats are distributed to first-year medical students in a special ceremony in August.
  • The sponsor of a white coat is matched with a student, and this can be the beginning of a supportive relationship.
  • Sponsorship support comes from alumni, faculty, parents and friends of the School of Medicine.
  • Sponsors may send their gift any time during the year, however, potential donors are encouraged to have all the sponsorships in by the end of the first week in August.
  • The number of sponsorships has grown from 104 in 2001 to 650 white coat gifts from 424 donors in 2010. Fourteen of the sponsors made their sponsorships at the Canby Robinson Society level, sponsoring 10 white coats each.
  • Additional funds raised through this effort are used to support educational opportunities for the students.
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