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President's Letter

By Paul Sternberg, M.D.
February 2012

Dear Canby Robinson Society,

One of the most gratifying aspects of Canby Robinson Society board membership is participating in the Adopt-A-Scholar program, which matches CRS Scholars with individual board members. The goal of the program is for the board members to develop relationships with the students and provide them a “home away from home.”

Over the years, my wife, Gloria, and I have gotten to know several terrific young people. I even had one scholar who literally became a member of our extended family. We went to his wedding out of town and were introduced as his “Nashville family.”

I’ve helped my “adopted” students with career advice and guidance, and other board members have provided important support to these students with a haven – a home-cooked meal and a place to relax away from the intensity of medical school.

As you know, most of these outstanding young men and women wouldn’t be at the School of Medicine without scholarship support. Spending time with our CRS Scholars provides me a firsthand look at our generosity in action. I can assure you that each and every dollar invested toward School of Medicine scholarships is money well spent.

Right now, we’re meeting less than 25 percent of the financial need for medical student scholarships. That’s why the Scholarship Initiative for the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine is so important. The initiative focuses our efforts on significantly growing the endowment for student scholarship support, building on the longtime support of so many community and faculty partners. With a larger scholarship endowment, we will be able to provide more support for our students, reducing the graduation debt that burdens so many of them. The Class of 2011 left the medical school with an average total educational debt of $135,800 – certainly a daunting figure for anyone just starting out in their career.
I hope that you will all join me in supporting this very worthwhile venture. You can read more about it on the next page.

I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to support our Scholarship Initiative and the students who will benefit from it. How often do we get a chance to truly change someone’s life?




Paul Sternberg Jr., M.D.
Board President
Canby Robinson Society


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