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Are you at risk?

February 2013

Does your bed mate complain that you snore loud enough to shake the rafters or that you repeatedly stop breathing while you’re asleep? These can be signs of sleep apnea, and there are several simple tests you can take on your own to see if you’re at risk for this condition. Patient Curtis Rouse, who was known for his massive physique during his six seasons in the NFL, answered ‘yes’ to just about every question on the STOP BANG survey, one of the primary screening tools for sleep apnea.

Risk factors for sleep apnea include:
• Snoring
• Often feeling tired
• Others noticing that you stop breathing while
• High blood pressure
• Being overweight (body mass index more than 35 kg/m2)
• Being over 50 years old
• Having a large neck (greater than 40 cm in
• Being male

If there are three or more yes responses to the factors above, a person is considered at high risk for sleep apnea. If you’re concerned about sleep apnea, don’t wait until concern becomes a crisis. Have a discussion with your primary health care provider, who can arrange a referral to the Vanderbilt Sleep Center by calling (615) 322-4000.



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