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The clinic classroom

By Carole Bartoo
August 2013

Kim Lomis, M.D., associate dean for Undergraduate Medical Education, says Vanderbilt’s experience with Shade Tree Clinic has demonstrated the power of learning in a relevant setting and has revealed the potential for students to contribute in meaningful ways to the care of patients. It serves as an important source of information and inspiration as the dynamic teaching and learning revision, Curriculum 2.0, came into full effect for Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in July.

The former model of education as a process of transferring knowledge from teacher to student has largely been replaced with flexible, collaborative and experiential learning. Patient care begins in the first year of training and continues through all four years of medical education, with an emphasis on understanding systems of care.

Lomis says the goal is to create physician-leaders well prepared to creatively assess and impact the health care system, ultimately improving the care of patients.

“Vanderbilt’s culture of continuous improvement allows us to identify opportunities for innovation. Our combination of technological prowess, a collaborative environment and a dedicated faculty uniquely positions Vanderbilt to create the teaching and learning system of the future,” Lomis said.

The basic tenants of Curriculum 2.0 are:

• Embrace innovation and improvement by focusing as much on how students learn as what they learn.
• Fully integrate learning with patient care by incorporating clinical experience earlier, and by explicitly revisiting core concepts throughout training.
• Rapidly translate discovery into practice by fostering the skills needed for life-long learning and evidence-based care.
• Support professional growth by providing frequent, meaningful feedback, creating personalized learning plans and offering flexible learning opportunities.
• Create physician leaders through a focus on curiosity, critical thinking, discovery and collaboration.

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